Our small business is growing and the staff have been hassling me for more phone lines. Our long association with MyNetFone was slightly at risk because their business plans start at $200 per month for a 4 line SIP Trunking business system – and the reason we move to VOIP […]

Cisco SPA 8000 Voip Box

What if solving the ATO tax fraud was part of the original plan? What if our nations greatest heist happened in broad daylight under our very eyes? Forgive me for the scepticism, but don’t these big, brash robberies get planned, or at least contrived, by the shadowy figures that lurk […]

ATO Tax Fraud Master Plan

As a young professional entering or navigating the workplace you are going to be stereotyped as a millennial. And perception is reality. Whether you’re perceived as an asset or a threat, how can you show your peers and superiors that you are a serious professional? The Challenge This is the […]

Millennials in the Workplace