ATO Tax Fraud Master Plan

What if solving the ATO tax fraud was part of the original plan? What if our nations greatest heist happened in broad daylight under our very eyes?

Forgive me for the scepticism, but don’t these big, brash robberies get planned, or at least contrived, by the shadowy figures that lurk in the background?

What if the conspiracy goes deeper and we’ve only scratched the surface? What if a maximum jail time of ten years is a small price to pay for a massive payout?

I mean, how long did a group of spoilt kids expect their skimming operation to remain undetected when a routine audit discovered the crime.

So this is how to steal a coulLe of million dollars:

  1. Idea: how can we steal a maximum amount of money with minimal consequences?
  2. Tax fraud carries only ten years and you won’t get shot in the get away car.
  3. Steal a heap of money by skimming tax payments. ATO is a common enemy of the people and the government is a docile target.
  4. Hide the money away under a complex scheme.
  5. Let the authorities ‘find’ some of the money. Mastermind stays out of country until officials conclude the syndicate was self-motivated and Mastermind concludes it is safe to re-enter the country.
  6. Syndicate is large group of people to spread the heat. Syndicate members are influential or popular and with good access to funds to fight charges and ensure bond payments can be met.
  7. Ensure a big name figure gets accused to take the heat off the other syndicate members. Make it a federal police officer or ATO official so the public can be assured the government is keeping check on its own. Make sure the official gets off with a slap in the wrist.
  8. Have a large complex syndicate so that it will take years to go to trial. The public will lose interest in this time and other news takes over.
  9. Bargain down the syndicate member’s punishment with tip offs about rival gangs like out of town criminal organisations.
  10. Let the spoilt kids serve some time. They’re still young enough and popular enough to do ok in a minimum security jail facility. Most of the punishment is home detention.
  11. Mastermind keeps 50% of stolen money and distributes hush money to syndicate, judges, police and ATO pawn to further reduce sentences.
  12. Government suddenly unable to recover as much of the stolen funds as they thought. Amount stolen is talked down in the news. “We over-estimated the amount stolen.”
  13. Independent investigation finds clean and clear paper trail. “All money has been recovered.” Well done to government officials.
  14. Something about driving and sunsets.

So there you have it. That’s how to get away with robbery on a grand scale.

Now you can follow along as the story unfolds in the news.

Who is the Mastermind? No idea.



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