Book Review: Web Marketing that Works by Adam Franklin and Toby Jenkins

I discovered “Web Marketing That Works” by Adam Franklin and Toby Jenkins in Dymocks in 2014 and snapped it up. Published in 2014 by these two gents from Bluewire Media, it’s a handy reference for ideas that get your business noticed on the web. Available online or from book stores, here’s what I learnt:

Offer Great Content

When I started my original website for Cornell Engineers, it was bland. A short paragraph about me (boring), a page about what we do (potentially boring) and some rather bland photos of some previous projects (potentially useful).

It was this book by Adam and Toby that made me realise that to achieve my goal of 1) helping people and 2) building web traffic, I was going to have to offer great content on my website – for free.

I had one of those “Aha moments” – the questions that people ask when they ring up looking for advice might be relevant to other people. So I started putting my answers to common questions on my revamped website.

It worked.

People started visiting my website. Lesson 1 learnt. Thank you!

Monitor Website Useage

It’s not enough to just post information on a website and not monitor whether it is being used. Enter my lesson from Chapter 5: Web marketing metrics and reporting ROI.

I applied the book’s ideas relating to using Google Analytics to determine where your best internet leads come from.

For me this is still a lesson in action but I am starting to discover the content that converts into great customers.

The books (and their website) offer some free templates to help you make sense of the information coming from Google Analytics. While I didn’t go that far, I’m sure you’ll find something that will be useful.

Social Media Strategy

Thanks to the ideas in the book, I’ve developed a social media strategy for my business that encompasses LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and FaceBook.

Another work in action. I haven’t managed to implement many of the strategies for working out a return on investment for social media. It’s one of my marketing jobs that I actually enjoy and perhaps social media is getting our name out there, but I haven’t yet worked out how much of that effort converts into fee generating leads.

That’s on my things to do list.

Overall Impressions

Web Marketing That Works by Adam Franklin and Toby Jenkins is packed with ideas on generating leads online and evaluating the effectiveness of your efforts. I didn’t read the book cover to cover – I don’t think it’s that kind of book – but whenever I need social media inspiration or some ideas for a new online marketing strategy, it’s my Go To book. I still have a lot to implement from the book – but I am sure you will find something useful for promoting your small business online.

Web Marketing That Works is available from the Bluewire Media or Dymocks Bookstores.