Career Mentoring for Young Professionals

My name is Matthew Cornell. My goal is to help young professionals develop their careers. I’d like to do this by offering one on one mentoring to young professionals in Brisbane.

I’ve been a structural engineer from the week I graduated until this very hour. I’ve worked in big business and small business. I now run my own business and we’re incredibly busy. I lead a great team of young professionals and I’m in awe of their passion and skills. It’s amazing though that despite their passion they still struggle to navigate a professional workplace.

Young professionals face more obstacles than ever before. I think I can help.

A one on one mentoring session with me has the following benefits:

  • I’ll listen to your workplace problems and maybe have some solutions.
  • I’ll understand that you have career goals. I’ll help you achieve them.
  • I’ll reassure you when you’re struggling, and maybe help you navigate aroadblock. 
  • I’ll question your decisions so that you don’t make decisions lightly.

Our mentoring sessions are only held at dinner time and only in restaurants and cafes – never in an office. My fee is my food. Buy me a meal and let’s talk. Bring a resume to your first session. I want to see what you think of yourself. 

Ready to chat. Make a booking.

Be prepared to be challenged in what you think, who you are and what is your true value.

Career mentoring for young professionals in Brisbane. My way to say thanks!