Cisco SPA 8000 Voip Box

Our small business is growing and the staff have been hassling me for more phone lines. Our long association with MyNetFone was slightly at risk because their business plans start at $200 per month for a 4 line SIP Trunking business system – and the reason we move to VOIP in the first place was to brink our monthly phone costs below $50 a month. What?! Yes, for a small office of four people our line rental and phone call costs are only around $50 per month using MyNetFone. We’re not ready to quadruple our monthly spend on phone lines just yet.

Let me backtrack. Our current phone system in an in-house PBX system by NEC – the NEC Xen IPKII, It’s a fantastic little phone system and our phone technician has set it up perfectly. Each handset works perfectly with hands-free, paging and intercom so we just purchased another 5 handsets for just $20 each to suit our growing numbers.

The other component of our phone system is the two VOIP lines from MyNetFone. We’ve set them up to ring on all phones at the moment so it’s an in-office race to answer the phone. As we get larger that role will be more handled by admin staff (but customers do like having the phone answered by an engineer who can answer their questions directly). At the moment our router only has two phone lines – hence the need for a VOIP box that can take us into the larger office domain.

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Enter the Cisco SPA8000.

This marvellous little VOIP box is fancy. It can handle up to 8 separate VOIP lines from up to eight different VOIP providers and can plug straight into our PBX with the special RJ-21 50-pin connector.

With in built trunking and call monitoring, I’m really looking forward to having the Cisco SPA8000 box run our VOIP telephony for the next couple of years. It’s going to save us heaps of money!!



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