Entrepreneur health

When you’re an entrepreneur that owns a small business it’s easy to get so carried away in running or managing your business. Don’t forget to look after your business’ greatest asset: You. That means you have to look after your own health.

Is Your Business Killing You?


That’s what keeps us on top of our business game isn’t it! We focus on the big picture, the small picture, the customers, the staff, the finances and the market place.


Just stop for a minute.

What have you done for yourself lately?

Working flat out and looking after your business is important – but is it killing you?

As an owner of a small business you need to take deliberate steps to look after yourself.

I’m not saying that you have to go to the gym every day, or be able to benchpress one hundred kilograms, or be able to run a marathon; but you do need to make time to maintain and even improve your physical health.

How to be a Healthy Entrepreneur

I have found that by allocating time in my day to simple tasks like walking the dog and going for a run once or twice a week I am actually feeling better about spending time in my business..

I think the critical issue is planning. If I don’t preallocate time to take the dog to the park at 5 PM each afternoon, I run the risk of working through until 7 PM at night only to discover it is too late to spend any time exercising.

The other part of looking after your health is about how you fuel your body. My business is mainly office-based with only occasional opportunities to work outside, so I have had to adjust my diet to take into account my fairly sedentary lifestyle.

Online Health Help

There are numerous online calculators to help you calculate your daily calorie intake required to maintain or adjust your present weight. I also use a calorie counting application on my phone to monitor my calorie intake.

I don’t think it’s healthy to obsess about calorie counting, exercise and diet: a healthy balanced diet and making time for exercise are two key ingredients to maintaining a healthy entrepreneur’s body and a healthy entrepreneur’s small business.


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