Have a holiday

I had been running my small business for about five years when I had a health scare. I found a black spot on my skin that had developed suddenly so I had asked my family doctor to check it out.

The blackspot turned out to be a shallow depth melanoma. My doctor removed it under local anaesthetic and then scheduled another appointment so that he could confirm that the entire melanoma had been removed.

One of the things he discussed with me that day was the average post-melanoma 5 year survival rate for a man my age. They have a book on mortality statistics for men my age!

What a wake up call!

He asked me in the follow-up appointment about my work/life balance. Haha. What balance? My business was busy and I was beyond busy. Definitely no time for a life. Right?


He advised me, as my doctor, to have a holiday. Actually, to have regular holidays. “Impossible!”, I thought. My small business is way too busy for me to have a holiday.

But do you know what? Planning and executing a holiday, apart from the health benefits therein, actually make your business stronger. To be able to step back from your small business for even a long weekend, you need to have a few procedures and practices in place. Isn’t that ideal? You’ll need to train your staff to run the business without you; in the way you want twit run. You’ll need to empower them to make decisions. 

Do any of these things scare you right now? Do you find it difficult if not impossible to step away from your business? If you’re overdue for a holiday then perhaps it’s time you had one. Start getting your procedures in place. Train and power your employees. Delegate. Manage. Then enjoy your holiday!

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