Millennials in the Workplace 

As a young professional entering or navigating the workplace you are going to be stereotyped as a millennial. And perception is reality. Whether you’re perceived as an asset or a threat, how can you show your peers and superiors that you are a serious professional?

The Challenge

This is the challenge you are facing. Watch this video.

Are you happy with the way Millennials are seen?

What You Can Do

As a Millennial, you need to define your value in the workplace.

  • Why did you get the job?
  • Why did your employer recruit a second lung professional?
  • What career path do they see for you?

If you’re working in big business some of these answers are easier to find. Big business needs cheap, back room labour. If your working in a small business then your role is a bit more complex.

So how can you make yourself more valuable?

  • Identify and fight the Millennial stereotype.
  • Listen carefully and provide feedback that you understand.
  • Work harder than you’re expected to.
  • Be present. Eliminate distractions.
  • Ask for feedback. It shows you want to improve. It helps you improve.

As a millennial entering or navigating your workplace you’re going to face some challenges. Think about how you can break the stereotype and stand out.

Need Some Help

If you need help finding your value in the workplace, we’d like to help. Check out our career mentor offer here.

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