MYOB Accounting Software

We use MYOB for our small business accounting software. I love it and dislike it in equal measures. So why do we keep it and what don’t I like?

MYOB Features I Like

The MYOB version we use has integrated into a cloud based accounting program. This means our accountant and bookkeeper can access and work on our files remotely, in real time. That’s pretty handy.

We also use MYOB’s M-Powered services to allow our customers to pay our invoices using credit cards, BPay, Australia Post payment services as well as our conventional cash, cheque and funds transfer payment options.

MYOB features I Dislike

The cloud computing revolution has actually slowed our invoicing down. We have really good internet speeds (NBN) but opening, saving and printing is woefully slow. We’ve been waiting for a speed increase with newer versions of MYOB, but I really think the cloud servers are slowing us down. Bit sad really.

I know it’s a sign of the times, but our version of MYOB is subscription based. For a small firm the monthly payment of $70 plus GST can be a turn off. The amount we pay is outside our control. I really don’t like the lack of power we hold in this regard.