I posted an advertisement for a vacant position on Seek last week. I sat back and waited, and hoped, and waited. I really needed to fill this position. I needed someone experienced and who wanted to work hard to help our clients with their home renovation projects. The response was […]

Some Light Reading

Whatever business arena you decide to enter, defining your target market is critical because it helps you to focus your attention on your customers. Market research should play a big part of what part of the business arena (market seent) you focus on. Ask these questions: Who are your clients/customers? […]

Your Target Market

Business cards are the age-old way of leaving your details with someone. Whether you hand a business card over at a meeting or leave a business card with a note written on the back, business cards are an essential part of your small business marketing system. I designed and ordered my […]

Get Some Business Cards

I had been running my small business for about five years when I had a health scare. I found a black spot on my skin that had developed suddenly so I had asked my family doctor to check it out. The blackspot turned out to be a shallow depth melanoma. […]

Have a holiday

When you’re an entrepreneur that owns a small business it’s easy to get so carried away in running or managing your business. Don’t forget to look after your business’ greatest asset: You. That means you have to look after your own health. Is Your Business Killing You? Focus. That’s what keeps us […]

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