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Search Engine Marketing for the Small Business Owner

I’m helping a friend set up their new website at the moment. We’ve uploaded a WordPress site, added some plugins and a few photos. We’re trying to get discovered online in a fairly competitive market. Search engine marketing is where we are now focusing.

Google Rank

Everyone is trying to be number one on Google or one of the many other search engines. Every one is preening and prissing and trying to make a website that is attractive to the search engines. But I don’t think it’s about that any more.

Make Your Website Useful

The new wave, perhaps driven by Google itself, is trying to be useful. Imagine that – a useful website that people can actually use to answer their own questions.

Wikipedia is useful. Does it drum up business for someone? Does it seek to become a source of knowledge for its own business growth. Hell YES.

Being present on the web isn’t enough these days. Business relies on being found. Even if your market is limited to a specific geographic region, you need to be providing information that crosses geographic borders. So being found on the web now relies on search engine marketing – getting found.

SEO For Small Business

As a small business owner you need to learn these new rules. Whether you engage someone to help you set up a website or not is your choice, but you have to generate and own your own content.

Do you think someone else can write about the benefits of doing business with you as well as you can? Not in a million years. Do you think someone can offer a glimmer of your knowledge and experience by cutting and pasting key words onto a blank page.


Search engine marketing for small buisiness is now about giving something away for free. Your knowledge.

Give Something Away for Free

Are you worried this information empowers your competitors more than you? Check your audience. Do the people who use Einstein’s theories become more eminent? Maybe. There’s no guarantee they won’t outshine you one day. But your audience will remember where they got their knowledge. By sharing your knowledge you become the source. You have the power!

Publish Useful Content

Publish content that is useful and engaging. Publish content that is original and memorable. Publish content that shows just how clever you are. Publish content that shows off your personality.

Owning and running a small business can be difficult. Marketing. Managing. Budgeting. Controlling.

But the marketing can be a little bit easier if you can demonstrate your knowledge and capability. Don’t just make empty claims. Demonstrate it.

By: Matthew Cornell
Small Business Owner and Marketer


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