Some Light Reading

I posted an advertisement for a vacant position on Seek last week. I sat back and waited, and hoped, and waited. I really needed to fill this position. I needed someone experienced and who wanted to work hard to help our clients with their home renovation projects.

The response was underwhelming. Not many applicants. Not really a very successful campaign.

So I started thinking about my business and my company culture. Why was it that big companies like Google have people willing to work for free and I am having trouble filling a paid position.

I started researching. This is the light reading I discovered that is going to help me turn my company culture around.

How to Work for Google

I also looked into buyer behaviours. After all, I need to keep the staff in my growing small business busy. You might enjoy these articles (because I did):

Consumer Behaviour

9 Things to Know About Influencing Purchasing Decisions


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