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Urban Edge Streetwear

Urban edge streetwear is a clothing style that blends urban and street culture elements with high-end fashion. We’ve deliberately set out to photograph this clothing style several times with great success. G’day. I’m Matt Cornell from Matthew Cornell Photography. Let’s have a chat about Urban Edge Streetwear-themed photoshoots! What is Urban Edge Streetwear? Urban Edge […]

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How to Get More Social Media Followers

Growing a social media following organically can take time and effort. There are several strategies that a clever social media influencer can use to build their audience without resorting to paid promotion. Here are some tips.

Starter Model Test Shoots

Photography for Aspiring Brisbane Teenage Models

Want to become a famous teenage model? Then listen up! We know that becoming a model and social media influencer is a popular aspiration for teenagers. And Brisbane teenage influencers are no exception! Social Media Fame and Fortune With the power of IG and TikTok and FB and Pinterest and others, it is possible to […]

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Tassie Gee: Illuminating Urban Fashion

Once upon a time, in the sprawling cityscape of Brisbane, where towering buildings and neon lights painted the night, lived a dynamic social media influencer named Tassie Gee. #QueenslandModels #BrisbaneInfluencers #UrbanFashion #MatthewCornellPhotography #SocialMediaInfluencer Introducing Tassie Gee Tassie Gee was more than just a model and an influencer; she was a beacon of style and inspiration, […]