Brisbane Coffee Stops

Fox Coffee Geebung

Should the mood for coffee strike you, then what better coffee stop than a café like Fox Coffee in Geebung on Brisbane’s north side.

Fox Coffee is located handily on the corner of Ellison Road and Bilsen Road. There’s plenty of street parking. There’s plenty of tables inside and out. And thanks to the coffee roasting machine, there is absolutely, most definitely, plenty of coffee.

So Fox Coffee joins the list of things to do on the Iconic Brisbane website because, well, to the very good people of Geebung, Virginia, Northgate and surrounds, and visitors from further afield, this place is iconic.

Now, if you’re a visitor to Brisbane and you don’t have your own wheels or mode of transport, there is good news.

Fox Coffee is a flat, five-minute walk to Sunshine Train Station in Geebung. Need to plot a course? Here you go:

Fox Coffee’s Specialties

OK so we’ve covered off on the café at Fox Coffee, but let’s get you up to speed on the other reasons to hit “Pause” at this little coffee shop.

  1. It’s a roastery. Coffee is roasted right there in full view of the customers. Talk about fresh – those beans were roasted right under the same roof as the café.
  2. Coffee paraphernalia. Fox Coffee stocks cold brew coffee gear, microfilters and coffee plungers so if you’re a traveller and need to restock your coffee gear, then this is the place to do it.
  3. The traveller’s special “Bialetti Mini Express” stove top coffee maker two cup edition. While stocks last (I guess it won’t be for long) but for a traveller looking for a super-strong brew while enjoying the best of Australia, then I’d reckon this is the best of both worlds.

Ok. So that’s the lowdown on Iconic Brisbane’s coffee stop, Fox Coffee at Geebung. A seductive mix of freshly roasted coffee beans, café, coffee gear, it’s also somewhere cool (and warm) to hang with friends while you catch your breath.

Caution! Hot coffee!

Thanks for stopping by. If you’ve tried this coffee stop or you’re a regular, drop a comment below and let us know what you thought.