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How Brands Can Leverage Professional Photographers to Boost Sales and Drive Demand

Are you harnessing the power of professional photography to elevate your brand’s image and drive sales beyond what artificial intelligence and stock imagery can achieve?

In today’s competitive landscape, visual content plays a crucial role in shaping how your customers perceive your brand.

Let’s discuss how your brand can use the expertise of a professional photographer to amplify your brand’s appeal and ignite consumer demand.

The Role of Professional Photography in Enhancing Brand Image and Sales

Professional photography is authentic. It allows you to connect visually with your customers in a context that differentiates your brand and stimulates the minds of your customers.

The true advantage of engaging a professional photographer for your brand image and marketing is you, your staff, your customers and your product become an essential part of your story. And that authenticity draws people in!

Professional photographers produce custom images that are yours alone to use. They tell a story with images where your brand is the star. They reveal a theme where your people are your superpower. They celebrate authenticity where your customers are your greatest asset (because they are).

The benefits of hiring and working with an experienced professional for your brand photography greatly outweigh the disadvantages and overpower the challenges of using stock imagery and artificial intelligence.

Let’s dive deeper!

Stock Images vs Custom Photos – Finding Authenticity

A fashion brand sought images they could use in their upcoming social media campaign. Their idea was to feature the lovely natural feel of their apparel and showcase how their clothes made the wearer feel buoyant and happy. The brand considered using stock images rather than professional images. This is part of their decision process to skip past stock images in preference for professional, custom images:

Stock images, while readily available and accessible, lacked uniqueness and authenticity. The brand thought that this might negatively affect their individuality. In contrast, custom photos could be tailored to the brand’s unique identity, values, and products. Professional photos fostered a deeper connection with the brand’s customers!

The brand acknowledged that stock images offer convenience and lower initial costs but remembered that stock photos lacked relevance and didn’t align with their brand’s message. Custom photos provided long-term value by creating unique assets that the brand could utilise to reinforce brand identity and consistency.

When the brand researched stock images, they felt they lacked flexibility and didn’t suit the evolving campaign needs. Professional photos provided versatility and adaptability allowing the brand to compile the perfect set of image for multiple campaigns, promotions and themes.

Once the brand decided to go with a professional photogrtapher for their image needs, they were able to arrange a comprehensive photoshoot that captured the true spirit of the apparal, the staff and the customers and the images were successfully used throughout their Instagram, Facebook and website marketing.

Let’s face it. The choice between stock images and professional photos depends on your brand’s objectives, budget, and schedule. Brands seeking to outperform their competitors naturally want to utilise professional photography as often and as extensively as possible.

Custom Photos vs. AI – The Human Touch in Brand Messaging

Brands are built on people. Products and administration and apprel and delivery systems all rely on people at some stage – even technologically advanced ones.

As artifical intelligence affects more and more elements in our lives the human touch can easily get lost – and AI is not ever going to replicate the benefit of himan connection in each of these interations.

Despite advances in AI in image (and video) production and modification, professionally created photos will always evoke the warm human moods and emotions that resonate better with target audiences.

Note AI image generation models are “trained” on other images – they can’t create ‘new’ images. The images they generate are only an amalgamation of the library of images that the artificial brain has already been fed.

That amalgamation of old and tired photos is the downfall of AI when compared to the freshness and quality of custom produced professonal photos.

Can AI capture the nuances of your latest aparel range? Porbably not.

Can AI let a viewer understand what it feel slike to wear your apparel? Not ever!

Can an AI image perfectly conenct with your audience. No.

Professional custom images invoke emotions. They capture feelings. They tell the heartfelt message your brand is trying to share. Custom images are alive and spirited.

AI images are droll mishmashes of old photos and don’t have an spirit.

Don’t risk AI images for your campaign. You could turn away your valuable customers as they seek an authentic connection with their fashion.

Images That Enhance Brand Engagement

  • Photos that feature hehind the scenes glimpses of your brand.
  • Photos that feature satisfied customers (or models) wearing your brand’s apparel.
  • Real photos of members of your staff from delivery drivers to reception staff to warehouse personnel.
  • User generated cotect from a wide range of satisifed customers.
  • Photos that tell stories of the problem your brand solved for real people.
  • Photos of fashion bloggers being delighted by your apparel.

Finding a Local Photographer for Brand Photography

Local photographers offer your brand the following benefits:

  • They can work with your local staff to create authentic, genuine images that cenvey the spiriti of your brand.
  • They have first-hand local knowledge and experience in your target market.
  • They are more likely to understand your industry.

In a recent example of a local brand wowing their audience with authentic professional photos, The Treatment Trend Co worked with Matt Cornell from Matthew Cornell photography and the professional models from Diversity Models to create a stunning array of beautiful, fun photos that perfectly captured the essence of a new line of cancer treatment robes. Some of our favourites from that photoshoot are in use right now on The Treatment Trend’s Instagram account. Check out how well these professional images captured the spirit of these beautiful treatment robes!!

What’s Next for Your Brand?

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