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Tips for Outdoor Portrait Photography Sessions

There’s a magical quality to outdoor portrait photography, capturing the beauty of individuals amidst the natural canvas of the world.

Hi. I’m Matt Cornell and I’ll be your photographer.

As we step into the realm of outdoor portraiture, let’s explore key tips that transform your outdoor session into a visual masterpiece.

1. Choose the Right Time of Day:
Lighting is paramount in outdoor photography. Opt for the golden hours—early morning or late afternoon—when the sunlight is softer, casting a warm and flattering glow. This natural light enhances the vibrancy of your portraits.

2. Scout Unique Locations:
Explore diverse outdoor locations that complement the mood you wish to convey. Whether it’s a picturesque park, an urban landscape, or a serene beach, selecting unique settings adds depth and character to your outdoor portraits.

3. Consider the Background:
The background plays a crucial role in outdoor portraits. Choose backgrounds that are visually appealing and don’t distract from the main subject. A harmonious blend of subject and environment creates a captivating composition.

4. Dress for the Environment:
Encourage subjects to wear clothing that harmonizes with the outdoor setting. Earthy tones for a natural backdrop, vibrant colors for urban environments—coordinating attire adds an extra layer of visual cohesion to the portraits.

5. Use a Wide Aperture:
Achieve that dreamy, blurred background effect by using a wide aperture (lower f-number). This technique, known as bokeh, directs focus to the subject, creating a professional and visually pleasing aesthetic.

6. Work with Natural Poses:
Encourage natural, relaxed poses that resonate with the outdoor environment. Capture genuine moments of laughter, movement, and connection. Candid shots often convey the true spirit of the individual or group.

7. Be Mindful of Shadows:
Outdoor lighting can introduce shadows. Position your subjects to utilize shadows creatively or use reflectors to fill in shadows and maintain even lighting across the faces.

8. Adapt to Weather Conditions:
Nature can be unpredictable. Embrace changing weather conditions, and consider them as opportunities for unique shots. Cloudy skies, raindrops, or a gentle breeze can add a touch of drama to your outdoor portraits.

I specialise in transforming outdoor settings into captivating backdrops for your portraits. Let’s harness the beauty of nature to tell your visual story.

Ready for an outdoor portrait adventure? Let’s create timeless moments in the great outdoors.