Brisbane Day Trips

Urban Extreme Hendra

Whether you are looking for a safe and secure place to host a kid’s birthday party or are looking for some adrenaline action in the way of ninja warrior or downhill snowboarding, then Urban Extreme on Nudgee Road, Hendra has it all under one roof.

Ninja obstacle courses, trampolines, indoor climbing and massive conveyor belt indoor snowboarding and skiing are just some of the adventures that await you at Urban Extreme nestled back from the main road in Hendra.

There’s plenty of car parking out the front and side. Our day trip coincided with the end of the school holidays and flocks of parents all trying to empty the last of their kid’s energy tanks before they sent them back to school. Still, with all the comings and goings, we were able to find a car park in reasonable proximity.

Plenty of off-street parking at Urbane Extreme

Once inside we were ushered through a line to pay and receive our wrist tags. These paper tags would be the entry ticket to the indoor wonderland that is Urban Extreme.

We had booked the massive indoor treadmills that we were to use to try indoor snowboarding and skiing. We walked past the ninja course where kids of all ages and sizes were leaping, crawling, clinging and climbing over obstacles of every shape and nature.

Arriving at the snowboarding course, our ‘trainer’ measured our feet, missed us with snow boots, snowboards, skis and helmets and helped us kit up.

Getting kitted up with shoes and snowboards.

We were then introduced to the safety system and then we lined up against a pair of handrails set over the treadmill snow and got our first taste of indoor skiing and snowboarding.

The gigantic treadmill where we learnt to ski and snowbaord.

Getting some coaching from Coach on the indoor snowboarding treadmill.

It’s harder than it looks and I struggled a bit but the trainer was lovely. He took it slow enough that we all felt comfortable on the slope.

The younger, fitter members of our group were coached through some more intricate manoeuvres of staring, stopping and swerving. I didn’t get that far. I was exhausted (in a fun and happy way)!

Some fancy moves on the indoor treadmill ski slope.

We spent about an hour on the slope. It got hot but there were a couple of big industrial fans helping us keep our cool.

Once our session finished we were given free access to the ninja warrior course and trampolines.

Running, jumping and climbing our way through the ninja obstacle course.


In summary, Urban Extreme in Hendra is a great place to burn some calories, refine your ninja warrior skills or just hang out and let your kids run wild in a safe, controlled and well-supervised indoor environment.