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Capturing Confidence and Style: A Fun Photoshoot with Brisbane’s Inspiring Model, Kharen Laoutas

At Matthew Cornell Photography, we recently had the pleasure of working with the incredibly inspiring model, Kharen Laoutas, at the SEQ Portrait Photography Collab‘s photoshoot held at the historic Fort Lytton in Brisbane.

This unforgettable experience was nothing short of amazing!

Kharen Khay exudes confidence and charisma during our collaborative fashion photoshoot at Fort Lytton.

Our photoshoot with Kharen was a true celebration of confidence, style, and the spontaneous moments that make every shot unique.

Kharen Laoutas herself expressed her satisfaction with the shoot, saying, “I love working with photographers that make you feel comfortable and just let you be yourself in front of the camera. I definitely had fun doing this shoot.”

Kharen Khay's captivating gaze and fashion-forward look in the heart of Brisbane.

Kharen’s enthusiasm and natural grace in front of the camera were truly a delight to capture. Her genuine personality and flair for high fashion were a perfect match for our lens.

With stunning outfits from Blockout Boutique and fabulous footwear from Novo Shoes, the photoshoot seamlessly blended fashion and artistry.

The result?

A collection of images that showcase Kharen’s versatility as a model and Brisbane’s vibrant fashion scene.

A candid moment captured as Kharen Khay dances with spontaneity during our laid-back photoshoot.

This collaborative effort was a testament to the thriving photography community in Brisbane, where models, photographers, talent managers, and brands come together to create magic.

We are grateful to Kharen for her incredible spirit and SEQ Portrait Photography Collab for bringing this opportunity to life.

Kharen Khay showcasing high fashion elegance in a stunning dress from Blockout Boutique.

Keep an eye out for more exciting projects like this one, as we continue to capture the essence of Brisbane’s diverse and confident fashion scene.

If you’re in Brisbane or the Gold Coast and looking to elevate your fashion photography, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Matthew Cornell Photography.