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Fashion Photography, Brand Photography and Model Portfolios – Welcome to Matthew Cornell Photography

If I told you that our imagery could captivate your audience and help you achieve your goals, wouldn’t that be worth a chat?

At Matthew Cornell Photography, I believe every image is an opportunity to tell your unique story.

Hello. I’m Matt Cornell.

What is my favourite thing about photography? Seeing my photos help your clothing or personal brand capture attention – whether it is likes or sales.

I love seeing my images on your social media feed. I love seeing my clients reach for the sky backed with images that sparkle and crackle.

I love using my experience with clothing brands and fashion accessories and creating captivating images in studios and diverse locations throughout Queensland so that you can meet YOUR goals.

So tell me. How can I help your brand?

Our photo studio is located in Northgate on Brisbane’s northside. It is an air-conditioned studio. It is private and secure. It is THE perfect space for capturing polished clothing and branding images that explode your marketing campaign.

Whether you are a brand manager or a model, you’ll love our studio. There is plenty of room for clothing changes. There’s room enough for the boss to watch over our shoots. There is plenty of street parking nearby and our studio is super-easy to get to.

Now, if you prefer, I’ll happily travel towards you. Maybe we should embed the captivating landscapes of the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast in your photos? What’s better than a fun, beach photoshoot that generates brand enthusiasm?

So what can I help with? I travell as frrom Cairns to Byron Bay to capture the perfect image.

What are you waiting for? Let’s chat!

What Sets Us Apart?

At Matthew Cornell Photography, our unique approach sets us apart.

The classical beauty of Rhea Prasad!

We empower aspiring models with captivating visuals that celebrate their unique beauty, talents, and personality.

We believe in giving back to the community. We gift aspiring models a complimentary photoshoot to help them start their portfolio and build their confidence.

We craft powerful visual stories that showcase the depth and dynamism of professional models.

For experienced models, we provide high-quality photoshoots at a modest fee, capturing expertise and uniqueness with a touch of artistry.

Fashion model and collaborator, Miss Talia Banning photographed in our Northgate studio.

We help brands craft stunning visuals that underpin marketing and social media campaigns.

Our full-service brand and fashion photoshoots ensure every image tells your brand’s compelling story.

We go beyond photography, providing exclusive support, including SEO optimisation and social media engagement.

Why Choose Matthew Cornell Photography?

  • Passion for Development: We’re invested in the growth of beginner models.
  • Affordability with Excellence: Professional photos for experienced models without breaking the bank.
  • Full-Service Fashion Shoots: Edited and curated images for brands and fashion labels that promote marketing success.

Join us in shaping narratives, capturing moments, and making waves in the fashion industry.

Your journey starts with Matthew Cornell Photography.

Planning Your Social Media Photoshoot

We’ve made planning your photoshoot easier than ever with our photoshoot planner. Share your details and ideas, and let’s turn your vision into a reality.

Explore our Photoshoot Planner here.

Feel free to browse some of my work, and don’t hesitate to DM me for more information or to schedule a session. Remember to tag friends who might share your interest!

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Why I Love Being a Photographer

Hi. I’m Matt Cornell – the photographer behind the camera at Matthew Cornell Photography.

For me, being a photographer is not just a job; it’s a passion. What I love most is connecting with people, whether new acquaintances or familiar faces.

I love being a part of a brand, fashion label, or model’s story and adore being a stepping stone in the path to success!

The always mesmerising Miss Freya Callaghan.

If you’re a model, a social media influencer, or simply curious about stepping in front of my camera, let’s have a conversation. I can’t express how excited I am to meet you and bring your vision to life.


Capturing Moments in Time

With an unbridled passion for storytelling through photography, each shot is an opportunity to craft an artistic narrative.

At Matthew Cornell Photography, we believe photography is about telling stories, eliciting emotions, and inspiring action.

Fashion photography Gold Coast with Kharen Laoutas by Matthew Cornell

Explore our portfolio and let the images speak for themselves. Contact me if you have any questions or to discuss your photography requirements. I’d be delighted to assist with your fashion photography and model portfolio needs.

Let’s collaborate to create timeless photographs that reflect your brand and aesthetic. At Matthew Cornell Photography, we’re here to make it an exhilarating experience for you.

Areas and Suburbs We Service

Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast

Northgate, Clayfield, Sandgate, Newstead, Bowen Hills, Ascot, Hamilton, Nudgee, Banyo, Strathpine, Mt Gravatt, Camp Hill, Seven Hills, Buderim, Coolum, Caloundra, Burleigh Heads, Southport, and even more.

Please note: Models under 18 must be accompanied to all photoshoots by a guardian or parent.

We do not shoot art-nude or boudoir photos, but we can recommend talented Brisbane photographers who specialize in this genre if that’s your interest.

The incredible model, Miss Poppy Hayes

The Legal Stuff

We’re registered and insured. Here’s some of the legal stuff you might need to know.