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For Aspiring Models and Actors

If you’re an aspiring model or actor, our portfolio photography photography is the perfect platform to kickstart your career.

Welcome to Matthew Cornell Photography, where we help beginner and teenage models in Brisbane build stunning portfolios that make a lasting impression.

We work with new talent and provide guidance to build a portfolio that highlights your potential and unique charm.

Personal branding photography with teenage model Olivia Kopp. Photo by Matthew Cornell Photography.
Aspiring model building her portfolio

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What is the first step for a beginner model to start building a portfolio?

The journey begins with finding a reputable photographer. At Matthew Cornell Photography, we specialise in capturing your unique beauty and potential. Our experienced team will work with you to prepare for your photoshoot, ensuring you feel confident and comfortable.

How important are professional photos in a modelling portfolio?

Professional photos are crucial. They create a strong first impression with agencies and clients, showcasing your versatility and professionalism. High-quality images can set you apart in the competitive modelling industry.

What types of photos should be included in a beginner model’s portfolio?

Your portfolio should include a mix of headshots, full-body images, and a variety of poses and outfits. This diversity highlights your ability to adapt to different modelling scenarios.

How can a teenage model prepare for their first photoshoot?

Preparation is key. Practice posing in front of a mirror, ensure you get plenty of rest, stay hydrated, and follow a good skincare routine. Our team provides expert guidance to help you feel at ease.

What are digitals, and why are they important for a modelling portfolio?

Digitals are simple, unretouched photos that show your natural look. They are essential for agencies to assess your suitability without the influence of heavy editing.

How can beginner models find reputable photographers in Brisbane?

Look for photographers with a strong portfolio and good reviews. At Matthew Cornell Photography, we pride ourselves on our professionalism and the quality of our work.

What should a teenage model wear for their portfolio photoshoot?

Choose outfits that highlight your features without being distracting. Our team can offer advice on the best clothing choices for your shoot.

How often should a model update their portfolio?

Regular updates are important to reflect your growth and changes in appearance. Keeping your portfolio current can open new opportunities.

What common mistakes should beginner models avoid when building their portfolio?

Avoid over-editing photos, choosing inappropriate outfits, or working with unprofessional photographers. Trust our experienced team to guide you.

How can beginner models build confidence for their photoshoots?

Confidence comes with practice and preparation. Work with supportive photographers like us to help you feel relaxed and positive during your shoot.

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