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We believe that powerful imagery weaves magic

We create captivating images that ignite fashion brand appeal and recognition...

In a digital world saturated with pixels, fashion labels must roar, not whisper.

Your fashion photography must captivate and enchant. Each image must tell a story leaving your audience wanting more!

At Matthew Cornell Photography, we are storytellers armed with light. We weave bold narratives into captivating images and ignite fashion labels with images that spark action like wildfire.

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Creative fashion photography in Queensland by Matthew Cornell Photography. Brisbane Photographers servicing Australia
Brisbane photography that draws in customers and enhances imagery. Bikini gem phtoso for SanavaJ.

Stunning visuals that underpin marketing and social media campaigns

Our images are shimmering beacons on the crowded canvas of marketing.

Hire our Brisbane fashion photographer to delight and ignite your brand’s followers.

Imagine your fashion designs showcased in editorials that crackle with energy, campaign portraits that shout the power of your brand, and social media magic that sets followers ablaze with longing.

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We craft powerful visual stories that showcase the depth and dynamism of professional models…

Forget just capturing beauty, we unleash it.

Professional models love our visual stories. They showcase their fire, grace, and intensity.

Runway warriors transform like chameleons.

We’re the light catchers. We take your spirit and amplify it until it blazes across the sky.

Model portfolio photo by Matthew Cornell Photography | Brisbane photographers
Brisbane beachwear fashion photoshoot with Olivia on Brisbane's Woorim Beach. Featufring bikini shoot and beginner model photos.

We empower models with captivating photography that celebrates their unique beauty, talents, and personality…

Forget “raw potential,” we ignite it. We fan the embers of talent and set it ablaze.

At Matthew Cornell Photography, we allow models to spark their growth, fuel their potential, and ignite their careers.

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Creative fashion photography. Brisbane photographers. Matthew Cornell Photography.

We are Matthew Cornell Photography – Stunning Imagery for Hire

Captivating images. Stunning visuals. Dynamic portfolios. Unique personality.

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Brisbane Fashion and Model Photography

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It’s easy to hire us to create visuals that tell your story. We can’t wait to amplify your voice and inspire your world.

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High-end fashion photography Brisbane photographers Matthew Cornell Photography

About Matthew Cornell Photography

Matt Cornell - photographers in Brisbane Australia. Matthew Cornell Photography.

Before you go, I’d like to share a little about Matthew Cornell Photography and the person behind the lens, me (Matt Cornell).

My name is Matt Cornell and I am a Brisbane photographer. Actually, I’d love to be YOUR photographer!

I have an eye for detail. I enjoy working with brands and models to create images that capture attention. I work hard to produce the images that sell your brand.

When I’m not a photographer, I’m a full-time structural engineer in my structural engineering consultancy Cornell Engineers – one of Queensland’s top structural engineering firms.

In my downtime, I like swimming at surf beaches, peaceful Balinese holidays, family dinners, and exploring the local Northgate streets with man’s best friend, barlee.cornell. (she’d love you to follow her IG account!)

How are we different? Our communication is open and honest. Our photoshoots are fun and friendly. Our images are what you asked for.

I’m also into SEO trends in fashion photography and marketing. My fashion photography blog has interesting perspectives on how brands can expand their online reach.

You can read more about Matt on our About page.

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