Our Portfolio

A selection of our favourite modelling images from working with our lovely local models and the story behind them.

Personal branding photography with teenage model Olivia Kopp. Photo by Matthew Cornell Photography.

Olivia Kopp – Portfolio Builder

Our studio photoshoot with teenage model and influencer, Olivia, was an exploration of light and fashion.

Olivia’s posing and confidence in front of the camera had grown even since we last worked with her and now she was a super-powered model and stage queen.

Olivia is available for paid modelling in and around Brisbane.

You can contact her directly at https://www.instagram.com/livy_model/

Or book us both to help with your branding and fashion photoshoots.

We’d love to help!

Shakaya Akers – Studio Chic

From the photos Shakaya and I produced for her professional modelling portfolio, I think this was my favourite.

That stunnng dress!

The dress is from Shein SXY and Shakaya makes it look great!

This was a studio photoshoot and Shakaya brought three outfits to test shoot. It was a pleasure to work with her to explore the theme of high fgashion!

Ready for the photos? Here they are!
Shakaya Akers – High Fashion

Model: Shakaya Akers https://www.instagram.com/shyleigh05/

FAshion model Shakaya. Photo by Matthew Cornell Photography

Sophie Lawrence – Mooloolaba Beach

Sophie Lawrence is a young up-and-coming model with an interest in fashion and social media marketing.

Our photoshoot at Mooloolaba Beach with Sophie explored some of the spots just north of the main surf beach.

Contact Sophie on her Instagram for paid photoshoots and brand marketing. https://www.instagram.com/sophie_lawrence04/

Rachel Francis – Broken China Doll

I so enjoy working with Rachel, a very clever and artistic makeup artist.

Rachel is the owner of the makeup artistry business Rachel Refined.

This photo was taken from our Broken China Doll-inspired photoshoot. Rachel became the muse and painted herself as a broken china doll. We found her discarded in the attic. Unloved. Broken.

Despite the cracks in the china, we had a fun photoshoot that told the story of a broken doll finding its value again and coming back from a dusty, dingy attic.

Inspiration for all broken people. You too can re-emerge from the attic, find your value and shine!

Kelly Gibran – Studio Queen

This singer/songwriter is no stranger to public life. Her music is her life and performing is her passion.

Furthermore, this wasn’t our first photoshoot with Kelly so it was great to catch up and get some fresh portfolio photos.

We played around with studio lighting to accentuate Kelly’s features and I was very pleased with the results.


Katherine Lin – Studio Encounter

Katherine is a model, actress, singer and songwriter and her natural talent was evident when she arrived in our studio.

We explored a couple of outfit changes and a series of backdrops to compliment her apparel and the results were incredible.


Atanasia Bukuru – Blurring the Lines

Atanasia has plenty of experience behind the lens as a talented photographer – but she stepped out of her comfort zone to become the subject of our photoshoot this time!

Dressed in a trendy denim jacket and vivacious necklace, Atanasia’s sparkle drew admiraton from all who saw her work.

Atanasia is available to work as a model and/or photographer – just not both at the same time.

Here is her Instagram!


12 Threads and Annika

It was very difficult to choose my favourite photo from my studio fashion photoshoot with the talented Annika featuring the urban apparel from 12 Threads!

There were so many good shots and Annika has a natural ability to pose and command the click of the shutter!

Some of our photos were especially for the social media campaign for the clever fashion designers at 12Threads. What a delight to see my photos on their feed!

Follow Annika on Instagram!

Studio fashion photoshoot in our Brisbane studio with https://www.instagram.com/pandakov_gaming
Fashion photography Brisbane photoshoot with Katrin

Katrin – Gold Coast

I had a fashion photoshoot with Katrin on the Spit at Southport on the Gold Coast. Katrin wanted to expand her fashion portfolio for her modelling agency so we discovered some cool spots under the boardwalk – and this one was beside the breakwater rocks!

The thing I enjoyed about this shoot was Katrin’s easy and experienced ability to pose. Just look at this photo! We were sitting on hard rocks nestled against rocks to get out of the sun and she still managed to strike a strong pose!

Follow Katrin on Instagram!

Rachel Francis – Alien Encounter

Makeup artist Rachel Francis donned her makeup and modelled for me in our Northgate studio recently.

We worked with Rachel previously on Bonnie’s Sinner vs Saint photoshoot so this wasn’t Rachel’s first time in our studio – but it was her first time in front of our camera.

What a special young lady she is.

Not only is her makeup artistry something to behind, but she is also kind and intelligent and has a beautiful soul.

We’ve got a few more photos of Rachel on her portfolio – so go and check it out and then head over to Rachel’s Instagram account and ask her about makeup for your special effects photoshoot or maybe your special day!

Portrait studio photoshoot with Rachel Francis MUA
Editorial vibe street photoshoot with the perfect model Asheigh

Ashleigh Rogers – City Vibe

How stunning is this editorial vibe from model Ashleigh Marie Rogers!?!?

Just picture perfect right?

Ashleigh and I worked together on a fun photoshoot in Bowen Hills. We explored some scenes in and around the Brisbane showground’s main oval and a car park just over the way.

The heavy contrast in the light from the flash showed off Ashleigh’s flawless skin.

Such an absolute joy to work with. If you find yourself in need of an up-and-coming model (ahem brands I’m looking at you), then reach out to Ashleigh on IG or through me.

Ashleigh’s Instagram link!

Tahlia Banning – I am Lumen

My photoshoot with Miss Tahlia Banning featured horse riding fashion from Red Equus and stunning ultra-fashion from Lumen.

Tahlia is an international, professional model with a bright future. When she asked for a photographer to collaborate with on a fashion photoshoot – I can’t believe she accepted my offer.

Our studio photoshoot in my Northgate studio was flawless.

Tahlia came prepared with multiple outfits and we clicked out the gorgeous photos like true professionals.

I think this image is my favourite – but in truth, there were so many great photos.

I like the blown-out colours, with the colour of Tahlia’s eyes and the gorgeous LuMen jacket shining through.

Model: Tahlia Banning

model portfolio photography Brisbane
Poppy Hayes City Style Photoshoot

Poppy Hayes – City Streets

In our city-style photoshoot, Poppy Hayes and I worked together to boost our respective portfolios.

This shoot took place on the streets of Brisbane City. This particular image was captured on the elevated walkway next to 111 George Street, Brisbane.

In her shoot, Poppy exuded a lovely, polite and calm personality that made it easy to capture her thoughtful moments.

City-style shoots can be raw and powerful or quiet and reflective. This shoot was the latter and captured Poppy’s warm, creative side.

Model: Miss Poppy Hayes

Biliana Negrine – Black and White

As a seasoned, professional model, Biliana Negrine introduced me to the world of lifestyle fashion and super-fun photoshoots.

What a delight this lady is!

In this photoshoot, we teamed up on the streets and shores of the beautiful Gold Coast to capture some of my most iconic photos ever.

Biliana is a true professional and an amazing muse.

Model: Biliana Negrine

Gold Coast fashion photoshoot with Biliana
Madison Gawne teen fashion model

Madison Gawne – Pastel Playaround

One of my first-ever photoshoots with models was the Pastel Playground photoshoot hosted by SEQ Portrait Photography Collaboration on the grounds of the University of Queensland.

Madison by this time was already an experienced model – with a future as a fashion and runway model.

Madison was easy and fun to work with and she introduced me to the world of fashion photography.

Model: Madison Gawne

Tasma Smith – Studio Portait

This image of Tasma Smith was taken in our Northgate studio.

By this time Tasma and I had a good portfolio of images from working together – and a studio shoot seemed the logical progression.

Together we captured some moody portraits that show off Tasma’s beautiful eye colour and flawless facial features.

Model: Tasma Smith

Tasma Smith - Fashion and apparel model. Photo by Matthew Cornell Photography.
Swimwear model Brisbane, Maddi Clarke.

Maddie Clarke

My favourite image from my photoshoot with Maddi Clarke at Mooloolaba Beach wasn’t even a posed moment.

Maddi is a photographer herself, so when she reached out for a photo shoot I had to laugh!

Photographer clients are next-level particular. I had to be on point with this shoot!

I love this image – such a pure reflection of a cute, stylish lady walking on the foreshore.

The beachside photoshoot itself was fun. Sun, sand and crashing waves were the backdrop for our shared images

Model: Maddie Clarke

Ava Shepherd

I wanted to try a moody, thoughtful portrait – and Ava was the perfect muse.

This photo was captured at Caboolture Historical Village during a photo session hosted by SEQ North Side Portrait Photography Collab.

I have to say that Ava, as a young model, is deep and thoughtful. Her poses were poised and effortless. In her lighter moments, her face lit up like a goddess.

Ava’s perfect features make her perfect for a close-up.

Model: Ava Shepherd

Moody photo of Ava from our portrait photography session in Brisbane
Freya Callaghan teen fashion model and actor

Freya Callaghan – High Fashion

Freya Callaghan is a young model and actor whom I have worked with several times.

This photo was captured at Fort Lytton near Brisbane in a high fashion photoshoot hosted by SEQ Portrait Photography Collab.

Freya’s infectious smile lights up a room – or in this case a gunnery turret!

Brilliant like a polished gem – Freya is a delight to work with and satisfying to photograph.

What more could you ask for in a model?

Model: Freya Callaghan

Also, see more of Freya’s work at Freya Callaghan – Radiant Star.

Tassie Gee

Tassie Gee is as much a social media influencer as she is a model, model sportsperson, and model human being.

This photo of Tassie was in a construction alleyway! Her red dress outshone the background – all I had to do was take the photo!

I love this photo because Tassie’s dress just pops right off the page – bright fashion in your face!

Model: Tassie Gee

Tassie Gee shining bright n a beautiful dress
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Zita Holly – Northshore Lights

Actor and model, Zita Holly, is well used to spending time in front of a camera.

Zita has already appeared in several short films and was working on her very own short film when this picture was taken! Talk about talent!

We’re proud to have worked with Zita for this series of photos at Brisbane’s own Northshore in Hamilton.

We expect to see more of Zita on the big and little screens and certainly wish her well in her acting and modelling careers!

Model: https://www.instagram.com/zita.holly/

I’m proud to say we’ve worked with Tanika Gibson, a social media influencer, model, and lovely person, a couple of times now.

Our collabs are always fun and light-hearted and we get some great shots together.

This one was captured at Caboolture Historical Village just near the cafe. Between the timber posts, there is this bicycle wheel sculpture and with the sun lighting Tanika between the wheels, the shadows give this magical feel.

Check out her eyes! They can see right through you! Just fantastic!

Looking forward to working with Tanika again soon.

Until then, check out her Instagram for more of Tanika Gibson!

Tanika rocking the Caboolture Historical Village photoshoot.
Beautiful Bonnie - posing in Sinner vs Saint studio photoshoot in Brisbane

Bonnie L

In my Sinner Vs Saint photoshoot collaboration with Bonnie assisted by talented makeup artist Rachel, I hosted the pair in our Northgate studio for a pair of photoshoots exploring the dark side of humanity first – and then the light, angelic side of psych through the use of light, contrast and angles.

Bonnie was a pleasure to work with and this was my favourite photo of her. It was based on our inspiration photo and harsh black-and-white tones and dark makeup perfectly captured the sinner theme.

I love that we were able to put our spin on the theme and came up with some incredible photos (which you can view here).

Sadly, TFP collaborations will become more scarce as we get busy with brand photography – but I’m still keen to explore new ideas with models and makeup artists so don’t be afraid to reach out on Instagram.

Tahlea K

I was so flattered that Sandy chose me to be the photographer for her massive photoshoot at Rileys in Cairns.

Sanava. J is the brainchild of Sandy and her family – intricate, gorgeous bikini and dress strap gems to adorn your beachwear and cocktail dress straps.

Our photoshoot (with three gorgeous models) showcased the versatility of the gems and how they can turn ordinary bikinis and dresses into fashion statements.

I see Sandy’s brand becoming huge. Sanava. J is a game-changer and a brilliant idea. If you don’t have your Sanava. J strap gems yet then I suggest you head to Sanava. J and start ordering!

Bikini Gem photoshoot in Cairns for Sanava.J

Abi Van Den Brink

This image of Abi was from our High Fashion photoshoot collab. We were looking for a strong editorial fashion vibe with high contrast between Abi and the background.

I used a hard bare-bulb flash to dramatically light Abi and show off her skin and clothes while keeping the background drab.

Contact me for a chat if you’re looking for fashion photography that plays with high contrast and strong poses. We have worked with several models that can showcase your fashion and leave your customers wanting more!

Follow Abi Van Den Brink on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/abivandenbrink/

Rosie Smith

Rosie, a model signed with Monique Jeremiah’s Diversity Models, has a bright future in sight despite her slight sight disability.

Rosie’s bright outlook and fun-loving approach were easy to capture in our studio and produced a fine array of photos for her modelling portfolio.


Madison Reardon – Studio Vibe

Madison Reardon is a dancer, makeup artist and model. Do her artistic talents know any bounds?

We were very pleased to photograph Madison in our warehouse studio in Hendra and the results were a combination of studio vibe and outdoor, natural settings.

Madison is active on Instagram. Send her some love at her profile https://www.instagram.com/capture_madison

Holly Bryant – City Culture

Holly Bryant is the epitome of your typical fun, fashion-forward and funky Gold Coast teenage fashion model!

When we worked with Holly we had no choice but to capture that dynamic fusion of colour! It was an effortless collaboration that set our screen ablaze!

Holly is a fashion model with a bright future. She can be contacted on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/h.ollybryant/

A stylish teenage model poses in urban setting wearing a pink top and shorts.
Miss Lara Rowlatt from Brisbane

Lara Rowlatt – City Funk

Lara is a cool, classy fashion model making the world her own runway.

Our city funk photoshoot was an exploration of the heart of Brisbane city – the brightly lit sidewalks and the dark bark alleys!

Lara has a natural style and a calming nature. She’s perfect for your next fashion photoshoot.

Drop her a DM on the IG


Maddie Nepata – Portfolio Photos

We welcomed Maddie into our warehouse studio in Northgate for a serious refresh on her portfolio photos.

What a game-changer!

Maddie’s fresh photos are a true testament to her versatility and style. As a fashion model and future actor, Maddie is going to make an indelible mark on our industry – and we can’t wait!

Follow along with Maddie’s journey by following her on Instagram
Maddie (@maddieanahera) • Instagram photos and videos

Sassy Teen Model Maddie Nepata in Brisbane
Emma Cain the sassy and full of squawk supermodel

Emma Cain – the Botanic Garden

Emma’s no princess! She’s sassy and full of spunk and squawk and laughter.

The quiet Brisbane botanic gardens became her playground as she lit up the dark and cloudy day!

What a fun, fab time we all had on the collab shoot.

Head over to Emma’s Instagram page for the rest of her incredible portfolio!


Photo of model Roxi Stella Powell. Photo by Matthew Cornell Photography

Roxi Powell – Studio Portfolio

Congratulations Roxi Powell on your first-ever photoshoot as a fashion model. We’re so pleased that you chose Matthew Cornell Photography to help create your model portfolio.

Our studio photoshoot was a resounding success. The photos were beautiful and we’re sure you’re going to go far!

Model: https://www.instagram.com/roxipowell/

Rhea Prasad – Sparkle Photoshoot

Rhea was fun to photograph. We explored the streets of the Gold Coast and grabbed some picture-perfect portraits for her portfolio.

Model: https://www.instagram.com/aadhila._.official/

Fashion model Rhea Prasad
Poppy Hayes Country Fashion. Photo by Matthew Cornell Photography.

Poppy Hayes – Country Fashion

Set amongst grassy landscapes, barb wire fences and sunlit vista, our photoshoot with Poppy Hayes, the teenage fashion model and social media influencer, was enchanting.

The pictures make city folk want to move to the country – and there’s more to explore once you’re there!

Kharen Keil Laoutas – Fort Lytton

Set amongst historic battlements, stone walls and solid concrete bunkers, Kharen showed us her fun and relaxed side as we photographed her portraits.

Kharen is a professional model and the ease with which she moved between poses was extraordinary.

Karen’s Instagram is https://www.instagram.com/kharen.khay.model/

If you need a professional fashion model – we think Kharen is your go-to person!

Click here for more photos from our professional portrait photoshoot.

Professional fashion model Kharen Keil Laoutasposes for a Brisbane portrait. Photo by Matthew Cornell Photography.
Teenage model Aurora Payne posing during a fashion photoshoot with Matthew Cornell Photography.

Aurora Payne – Country Showdown

Aurora Payne is best known for contesting pageants and glamour photography competitions. Her flawless features and sassy attitude make her the perfect muse for high fashion and country fashion photos.

This is our favourite photo from our time with Aurora. Click here to see more photos from our fashion photoshoot.

Model: https://www.instagram.com/aurora_payne_official/