Brand Photography

If I told you that we could help elevate your brand imagery in a way that inspires your customers to learn more about your product, would that be worth a chat?

At Matthew Cornell Photography, we provide brand photography that overcomes many of the problems you are facing right now!

Don’t suffer with stale, uninspiring and boring photos of your apparel. We step in to provide a vein-pumping boost to your online imagery.

Read on to see how we can help!

The Cost of Bad Brand Imagery

There is such disparity in the cost of brand photography. You can pay a lot of money for basic photos or you can pay the right amount for exceptional photos that exactly meet your needs.

But the cost isn’t the risk – it’s the time it takes to get it right!

On the one hand, you might spend too much money! On the other hand, you might spend too much time waiting for photos and getting the images you need.

For brands and brand managers, the risk is real. Who can you trust to do a great job for a reasonable price?

How Much to Pay For Brand Imagery

Apparel and brand photography does require specialized equipment and skills and these qualifications come with a cost. But how much is too much and how do you know you’re getting the product you want and need?

How about we solve this dilemma for you?

Matthew Cornell Photography is experienced in brand photography, doesn’t cost the earth, and produces the images you want and need in a very reasonable time frame.

Our rates are very reasonable. We’re approachable and easy to work with. We remove the risk of poor photos, expensive images, and missed briefs.

We work with you to make the brand and apparel photography process super-easy and do it all cost-competitively.

Your brand photos are going to attract more customers than you need and together we’ll see you out-perform your competitors.

The cost-risk problem is now solved. Send us a DM on Instagram today!

Getting Quality Brand Photos

The quality of brand photography is sometimes disappointing.

You go to great lengths to hire a model, a makeup artist, a photoshoot location, and a photographer – only to find out the quality of your photos is less than optimal. The photos don’t show your product, focus on the wrong aspects of your brand, and just don’t sell your product the way you envisioned.

Cute female model wearing Red Equus rising clothing during a brand photoshoot in Brisbane

Poor-quality brand photos can leave you out of pocket and out of your mind!

The answer is clear!

Matthew Cornell Photography solves the risk of poor-quality brand photos by involving you in every step of the photography journey.

  • We develop a plan for your photos together.
  • We agree on the important aspects of your brand’s imagery well before the shoot.
  • You get to check the images as we capture them and provide feedback as we work.
  • There are no surprises, no disappointments and the quality of your brand photoshoot is exactly what you expected.

Colours, crispness, and lighting are all perfect.

Quality brand photos solved!

Ensuring Your Brand Photography Style is Right

Not every photographer’s shooting style is going to be right for your brand. Some photographers lean towards the seedy side – some photographers don’t work with models and fashion so well.

Some photographers have zero personality leaving the models and brand managers wondering what sort of images they are going to get!

Worry not.

Photoshoot with professional models from Diversity Models Australia for Treatment Trend Co.
Photoshoot with the beautiful ladies from

Our fashion and model imagery style is fun, easy, and carefree. Matt, our photographer, ensures the model and bosses are all comfortable with the style and are all kept up to date.

Have a look at our portfolio and you’ll see for yourself. Our photos are real, clear, basic, and honest. Just like your brand. Just like your friend.

Working with Matthew Cornell Photography ensures the style of your imagery is just right. Call us today! Let’s have a chat about your style requirements!

Location. Location. Location.

You need an on-location photographer but your photographer only works in a studio (and the studio is three hours away).

You need photos in a studio but your photographer is not set up for the photos you need.

Poppy Hayes teen model at Mooloolaba Beach

You’re located in the city and your photographer is in the country.

When your photographer isn’t flexible, set up and available then your brand photography suffers. Why should your brand’s image be constrained by a difficult-to-reach, access, and work-with photographer?

It need not be and we have the solution!

Matthew Cornell Photography is ready to work with you and for you – wherever you are, whenever you need, and however you like.

We make it easy to work with us. Location becomes less of a problem and more of an opportunity for you and your brand!

Let’s work!!

Getting Photos in a Reasonable Turnaround Time

Let’s face it. You don’t want to wait three months after a photo shoot to get your edited brand and fashion photographs.

Your marketing department and online presence and big sales aren’t going to wait this long.

Your competitors will pivot and demand will change before you can even produce your marketing material and then all that effort arranging a photography session will be wasted.

You need a photographer who can issue your edited images in a timely fashion that suits your customers!

Deadlines wait for nobody and slow photographers are not your friend.

That’s where we can solve your problem!

Matthew Cornell Photography issues quality, clear, and edited images quicker than you expect. That gives you more time to select your favorite images, compile your marketing materials, and level up your social media profiles.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised how quickly you get your images from Matthew Cornell Photography.

Quit waiting around. Let’s get working!!!

Brand Imagery Usage Rights and Licensing

What is the point of arranging and paying for a set of photographs that you can’t use or modify as you wish?

Some photographers retain the rights to the images and restrict your usage.

How impossible for a brand to pay for photos that you can’t even use.

Matthew Cornell Photography solves that issue for you!

When you commission us for brand and apparel photography, you are free to edit, crop, reduce, enlarge, or modify our images however you like.

Imagine having a set of photos that you can modify to suit your needs!

Stop mucking around with expensive, slow, inflexible, and intolerable photographers.

Matthew Cornell Photogrpahy makes your brand marketing and imagery easy. Simply give us a call and get the conversation started. You’ll be wishing you had started working with us earlier!

Your imagery issues and brand migraines will disappear and together we’ll create something unique and wonderful!

We can’t wait to help. Let’s get started!