Fashion Photography Pricing

We work out a special price for each client. Click on Get a Quote and we’ll present you with our personalised quote quickly and easily!

Let us take care of everything from sourcing models to hiring local studio space or supply your own everything and just hire us to creare perfect ppictures for you.

Depending on your needs, here’s a list of fashion photography options and some indicative prices to help you start budgeting for your photoshoot:

Studio setup fee (for studio shoots)$110 including GST
Travel fee (up to 100km from Northgate)$165 including GST
Photoshoot booking fee$440 including GST
Model booking fee$110 including GST
Professional model$264 including GST per hour (2 hour minimum)
Makeup artist booking fee$110 including GST
Professional makeup artist$265 including GST per hour
Hair stylist booking fee$110 including GST
Professional hair stylist$220 including GST per hour
Test sheets of semi-edited imagesFREE!!!
Photo production fee$9.90 including GST per edited image selected from the test sheets

We invoice photoshoot booking fees, travel fees, makeup artist booking fees and studio setup fees in advance by tax invoice.

Makeup, hair stylist and model fees are payable immediately upon completion of the photoshoot (by tax invoice).

Photo production fees are invoiced immediately before the release of full-size edited images (payment is required before the release of images for new customers).