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How far in advance to book a fashion photographer?

Embarking on a fashion photoshoot involves meticulous planning, and one crucial aspect is timing.

Hi. I’m Matt Cornell and I’ll be your photographer.

Let’s explore the ideal timeline for booking a fashion photographer to ensure your vision is captured with precision and artistry.

1. Define Your Vision Early:
Start the process by defining your vision for the photoshoot well in advance. Whether it’s for a campaign, editorial, or personal project, having a clear idea of your goals sets the stage for a successful collaboration.

It takes good timing to arrange a fashion photoshoot.

2. Research and Selection:
Fashion photographers often have busy schedules, so begin your research early.

Explore portfolios, read reviews, and narrow down your choices.

This initial phase allows you to find a photographer whose style aligns seamlessly with your vision.

If you’re in South East Queensland for example, you could check out my portfolio here and also peruse our Instagram profile here.

I think my style is authentic, light and bright images that portray moods as well as they do brands. If that’s what you are looking for, I’d love to hear form you!

3. Initial Consultation:
Schedule an initial consultation with your chosen fashion photographer.

This meeting is crucial for discussing concepts, expectations, and logistics.

Booking early ensures you secure a slot in the photographer’s calendar and allows ample time for detailed planning.

Our calendar at Matthew Cornell Photography starts to fill up two to three months in advance. It takes at least that long to get a space selected, ensure makeup and models are available, and confirm the brief.

I won’t rule out pulling a shoot together in less time than this, but why make it hard on yourself unnecessarily?

4. Consider the Season:
Certain seasons may be busier for fashion photographers due to weather conditions or industry events. Consider the seasonal factors that might impact your shoot and plan accordingly.

Booking well in advance ensures you have flexibility in choosing the ideal time.

5. Securing Dates and Contracts:
Once you’ve finalized the details with your photographer, secure the dates and formalize the agreement through a contract.

This step is essential for both parties, providing clarity on expectations, deliverables, and any specific requirements for the photoshoot.

For example our shoot with Sanava.J bikini gems was planned for three months and, luckily, it was. The brand arranged models, a beautiful hotel swimming pool, and three models, and all of that arranging took time.

6. Collaborate on Pre-Production:
Collaborate with your fashion photographer on pre-production elements such as styling, location scouting, and any additional team members needed for the shoot.

A well-planned pre-production phase contributes to a seamless and efficient photoshoot.

7. Flexibility for Creativity
While booking in advance is essential, allow room for creative flexibility. Last-minute inspirations or adjustments may arise, and having a collaborative and open communication channel with your photographer ensures a dynamic and successful shoot.

As a professional fashion photographer, I am committed to bringing your fashion vision to life. By booking in advance, we can ensure a tailored and well-executed photoshoot that captures the essence of your style.

Ready to secure your fashion moment? Let’s embark on this creative journey together. Drop me a line on Instagram or send me a message.