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How to Find a Fashion Photographer for Your Brand Campaigns

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The Search for a Professional Fashion Photographer

Looking for a professional fashion photographer for your brand campaign can be tough. The photographer’s experience is important but not the key element. The photography equipment is important but still not the key element. The photoshoot location and the photographer’s proximity to you is pivotal but also not the key element!

I think the major challenge in finding a professional photographer for your brand campaign is finding a photographer who has all of the necessary qualities in the right amounts!

Let’s face it. You put a lot of effort into your branding, fashion photos and social media promotions. Bad photos can let you down. A photographer who doesn’t grasp your vision, works effortlessly with the models and then presents fantastic photos in a timely fashion can let you down.

It is VERY difficult to find a photographer with personality, a vision, skills and experience.

Until now!

G’day. I’m Matt Cornell and I would love be your fashion photographer!

A Step By Step Guide to Finding Your Perfect Fashion Photographer

Here’s a guide on for discovering the perfect fashion photographer for your brand campaigns.

Define Your Brand Aesthetic

Before you embark on your search for your photographer, take a moment to clearly define your brand’s aesthetic and the visual story you want to convey.

Think about what makes your brand unique. Is the style, the colours, how you make people feel when they wear your clothes?

Understanding your unique style is a first and important step in aligning your brand with a fashion photographer.

Look for a photographer whose portfolio aligns with your brand identity or has the aspects that you’d like to include in your social media strategy and online branding..

Brand campaign for Red Equus.
Photoshoot for brand

Do Your Research!

Professional photographers have portfolios of photos on many social media sites and online galleries.

Are the photo galleries consistent with each other and do they align with your aesthetic?

Experienced and modern photographers have a website (basic level), Instagram, Facebook (mid-level) and a Youtube channel (advanced!) where they show their work and behind the scenes videos and photos.

(Our Youtube: )

A diverse range of work that showcases versatility and creativity will help you decipher whether the photographer can adapt to your aesthetic!

Seek Recommendations and Reviews

Tap into your network and industry connections for recommendations for local and experienced fashion photographers.

A word-of-mouth referral will tell you quickly whether the photographer was professional, easy to work with and personable.

  • Photoshoot with professional models from Diversity Models Australia for Treatment Trend Co.

Don’t forget to check online reviews for a broader perspective and use your research to help you prepare a list of questions you have for your preferred photographer.

Assess Industry Experience

An experienced fashion photographer brings a wealth of invaluable knowledge to your brand campaign.

Assess the photographers recent experience, including previous collaborations with brands similar to yours. A seasoned photographer is adept at translating brand narratives into compelling visual stories.

Collaborate on a Test Shoots

A low risk approach to checking out your fashion photographer is to consider arranging a test shoot or a smaller project.

For example, Matthew Cornell Photography invites local fashion brands to explore his Northgate studio with a styled fashion shoot.

This approach allows the brand and the photographer to experience the collaborative working style and helps clear a part towards a successful ongoing professional photography relationship.

Clarify Budget and Logistics

Start early with transparent communication about your budget, required timelines, and logistical details.

Discussing the scope of the work, the fees, and any additional expenses upfront will help avoid an embarrassing misunderstandings later in the collaboration.

Explore Creativity and Innovation

As we get closer to working together (yes, this is a sales pitch after all!), be open to fun, spontaneous fashion photoshoots with your fashion photographers!

Photographers are artists and love exploring new ideas and old themes. Work together to guide the narrative but be open to new, quirky ideas that could explode the popularity of your brand!

By keeping an eye out for unique perspectives and a willingness to push boundaries, your forward-thinking photographer can elevate your brand campaigns to new heights.

How Can We Help Your Brand?

The journey to finding the perfect fashion photographer for your brand is a curated process.

Let’s embark on this creative exploration together.

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